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Journal Entry – March 16, 2020

I’m tired. It’s Monday morning after a weekend filled with difficult news, hard decisions and uncertainty.

One of the most difficult decisions a business owner needs to make is whether to open their doors. 

This isn’t a fancy branded post intended to drive you to our website or promote our services. This post is simple. As a local business owner, manager or decision maker, how can you keep the lights on, the doors open and continue to pay your bills? 

Now is the time to be the business leader you always wanted to be. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Use the tools and channels available to communicate with customers.
  • Post an update on social channels regarding hours or products/services available.
    • Pin the post to the top of the page to make it easy for customers to find.
    • Boost the post for $1 per day to people who Like your page to keep them informed.
  • Update your Google Listing here, with hours and content similar to social media. (This keeps Google up-to-date.)
  • Share your procedures with customers; and ensure your staff know you take it serious. Whether hand washing or table wiping, be sure staff and customers alike understand the severity and importance of these routine tasks.
  • Consider allocating special hours to vulnerable populations (seniors, parents with young children). IE First hour each day is only for vulnerable populations.
  • Add delivery or online options. Deliver your product/service where and when you can. If customers can’t or won’t come to you, take your product/services to them through delivery and online options. From food and diaper deliveries to counseling appointments online or via phone.
  • Change your hours to reflect your staffing levels. If the number of staff you have available is reduced, reduce your operating hours.

And finally, being with others is one of the most calming activities we can do. Just being with others in our homes, watching movies, talking and eating popcorn. Take this time to reset and connect.

We will never know if we’ve taken the right and necessary actions; but we will know if we’ve taken the wrong actions.

Keep well.




Barb McGrath’s been cracking the online code for nearly 20 years. She helps local businesses get to the top of Google with digital marketing training, web design, SEO, online reputation and advertising. Most importantly, she’s earned the trust of Google. Barb runs the only Google-approved agency designed to show you how to turn the online “stuff” into in-store buyers. If you depend on in-person customers, you need Barb’s step-by-step, online marketing plan to generate a steady stream of onsite buyers and make it rain money. She is the host of the Secret Life of Entrepreneurs, a local radio show and iTunes and Google Podcast.

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