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The latest updates on Google My Business.

This post is part of a continuing series of monthly updates on the #1 search tool used by ready-to-buy customers. For all the updates, or to see additional information, read Attract More Customers with Google My Business.

Should I Upload My Business Photos, or Ask Users to Upload Photos?

Business owners can add photos and videos to their listing. Businesses with more photos appear higher in search results than those with less, or no photos. It is recommended that business owners upload branded/on-brand photos as often as possible including location, street view, products, services, results, clients, staff, owners, menu items, celebrations and promotions. Photos that help businesses connect with more customers and sell more products & services are all good to share.

Customers can also upload photos, and Google encourages users to share their photos when a picture is taken inside of a business or of a business’ products/services.

While user-generated content may appear to be more visible on your listing, it is always best for business owners to continue to upload their own business images. Best practises for managing photos on your listing include:

  • upload high quality/resolution
  • rename photos before uploading to include business and product/service name
  • multi-location businesses can use the same photos (ie restaurants with the same menu)
  • remove expired photos (ie services no longer offered; menu items removed)

Adapted from Greg Gifford’s presentation at SMX.

How Do I Increase Click Thrus on My Posts?

Posts on your Google Listing are not just pretty pictures; they are a Call-to-Action for the customer. Information posts are good but a strong call to do something is better. Compare these two posts; the first post is super engaging, great picture but leaves it up to the customer to take action. The second is equally good (its actually a video) and calls on the customer to take an action or click the Learn More button. Subtle differences but big results. You will drive more sales with a strong call to action.


GMB with + CTA

What is Questions & Answers in My Listing?

Each listing has a Q&A section that enables any Google user to ask, and any Google user to answer, any question about any business in the world. These crowdsourced questions and answers appear prominently on the business listing anytime that business is searched. 

Business owners can use the Q&A section to ensure customers have accurate information.

Questions & Answers

Q&A Ask a QuestionCan I Sell Gift Cards or ask for Donations?

According to Dominique McGowan, business owners can add links to gift card purchases or to request donations directly from their listing. To add a link, navigate to the Home tab of your Google My Business listing and look for the ‘Stay connected during COVID-19‘ box. Listing must have been verified prior to March 2020 to be eligible.

Get Support During COVID-19

How Do I Add ‘Curbside PickUp’ or ‘Wheelchair Accessible’?

Customers want shopping choices. In-store shopping, private shopping, online shopping, delivery and curbside pickup. Update your Google listing to tell your customers what options are available in Info -> Attributes. Better yet, update these Attributes and add Posts explaining your safety measures and shopping protocols (if any) to encourage customers to do business with you safely. 


Google also added Accessible Places to Google Maps. If your location is accessible, add the Attribute in Info.

Curbside PickUp

What if I Have ‘Special’ Hours?

Many Google users have the option to add “Secondary Hours” from the Info tab of their Google Listing. According to Google, you can add hours for specific services or specials to your business. Look for ‘More hours‘ when logged into your listing.

Secondary ~ More hours

Til next month!

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