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Updates on the #1 Listing service used by your customers.

Google Listings can be a challenge. On a good day. There’s just something about the process that can fluster even the best of us. Below, we share all of our tried and true steps to optimize your Listing; each and every one of the steps we take to boost our clients subscribed to Listing Management along with all of the latest updates to the tech giant’s free service.

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What is a Google Listing? What will it do for me?

A Google Listing is a free service by Google and it garners the lion’s share of the click-traffic from ready-to-buy customers. Think of it this way; when researching a product or service, a potential customer will most likely head to the organic search results (websites that appear below the Listings) to learn or read more about the variety of offerings. When a customer is ready to buy, go, or take an action, they head to the Listings. As such, let’s get your Listing optimized!

Like it on top? There are only three ways you can get to the top of Google.

  1. Paid Ads. (Pay to play service. Average click-thru is 13.8%.)
  2. Google Listings. (Free Listing service from Google My Business. Average click-thru is 28.8%.)
  3. Organic Search Results. (Earn your way to top position with SEO. Average click-thru is 43.9%.)

Let’s get your business to the top!

A Breakdown of Your Google My Business Listing


Your Google My Business Home tab is a quick overview of your business Insights (how many visitors, top search terms, requests for directions), competitor content and customer posted photos. Be sure to check it out and find some new ideas for content.


Posts are Google’s equivalent of social media posts: with the exception that Google wants you to promote your sales and discounts, as well as announce events and share news. Posts are a direct pipeline to Google; your chance to have a 1:1 conversation with Google, and say, “Hey Google, here’s what we’re all about!” 

Curious how many customers see your Posts? Carefully look under a Post and you will see a number beside a little “eye.”

Get the full scoop on what posts can do for your business and all the details in Google Adds Posts to Your Listing. 


The Info tab is the heart of your Google Listing. Here you can update all of the details about your business including Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), your business category(ies), hours and holidays, contact information, add a business description as well as products and services.

Google tells us the most referenced information by customers are hours, photos and reviews.
What is a business description you say? Glad you asked.

Here’s the short version. A business description is a 750 character, keyword-friendly written overview of your business. Want Google and potential customers to find you for website design? How about SEO services? Or reputation and listing management? This is the place to do it!

Looking for a few more details? Check out this video How to Add a Google Listing Description.

Google My Business Profile Above the Fold | Website Design for Business, Social Media, Online Digital Marketing, Strategy, Reputation Management, Sales and Conversion, Consultant and Advisor

Up-to-date information about your business is HUGE. Repeat HUGE for getting your business found and chosen by customers. Don’t just think about it – finish reading this article and go update your information!


Ahhhh, insights, a data lover’s dream! Did you know that you can find out how many times your Listing was viewed? And what the top search keywords are for your Listing! The Insights tab gives you the ability to tailor new content according to what potential customers are searching for, giving you even better visibility in the search results!

Take a moment to look at the number of customers who view your Listing, click-thru to your website or ask for directions to your location. As the number of actions taken from your Listing increases, so too will your sales!

The "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know" about Managing Your Online Reputation Webinar

Get instant access!


Google and Facebook agree (shock!). Reviews are the #1 driver of success in Listings. Customers choose businesses with higher star ratings at an alarming rate. If you don’t have Reviews, you need to ask all of the customers you’ve wowed! Finding it tough to ask? Check out this article, Gracefully Ask Your Customers for Reviews for tips to make it easy-peasy.

Oh but wait! Responding to Reviews is equally important; good or bad. In fact, responding to Reviews will greatly improve your online reputation. Learn all about the 4 Simple Steps to Respond to Reviews. 


Prefer a text or SMS message with your customers prior to a phone call? Messaging allows you to chat with your customers, book appointments or answer questions even before a potential customer is ready to discuss their needs in detail; or until you are ready to disclose your number.

**It is believed, though it has not been confirmed by Google, that Messaging will be shut down in March 2019. If you did not set up Messaging, it is likely no longer an option for your business.


A picture says 1000 words. Imagine how many words you say with current and up-to-date pictures of your business, location, products, services, team and logos. You can speak volumes and the customer is listening!

Don’t forget – customers can upload photos too; what a great word of mouth marketing opportunity!


Did you know that you can create your first website for free with Google? If you don’t already have a website, this is a great place to get started. Your website address will be, but you have the option to buy a domain and build a more sophisticated site using Google Sites.

Your new, free site can include location, services, hours and pictures and is mobile friendly.


Adding Users will allow you to collaborate with team members and share posting duties. In this section, you can add additional people to your Listing to be able to add and edit your Listing’s content. This feature makes collaboration and coordination with colleagues a breeze.

Create an Ad

Last but certainly not least, you can create a Google Ad from within your Listing. **TIP** Creating your first Ad from your Listing will connect your Google Ads account and your Google My Business account, offering you the added bonus of displaying your ad within the Listings.

Remember, ads are one of the top three ways to get your business to the top of Google and help customers find you. 

Are you convinced of all the amazing (not to mention free) features that a Google My Business Listing can do for you yet? Need a hand getting set up? Check out our step-by-step instructions below. 

You’ll be ‘above the fold’ in no time!

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Latest Updates


November 2019

Guaranteed with Google

The Guaranteed with Google Program is now available in Canada. The current categories from Google’s website include electricians, locksmiths, plumbers, and HVAC (heating or air conditioning).

The program offers well-ranking local businesses the opportunity to advertise that their service is guaranteed by Google. Should a customer service issue arise, Google has guaranteed that the customer will get a resolution.

What’s the catch? Local services businesses have to advertise with Google to get this “benefit.” Learn more about the program and your business’ eligibility here.


A few months ago, we urgently called out for everyone to add their @shortname to their Google listing.  (If you missed it, go read the June update after you read this month’s updates!) Shortnames are now visible from Google maps and in the About tab in Google My Business. Shortnames were adapted to make it easier for customers to Follow your business, receive updates and leave reviews. Have you added your @shortname yet?

‘Search for Beginners,’ a new Google series on YouTube

Earlier this month, Google announced it was launching a YouTube video series especially for people who are interested in learning how to create an online presence and how to use Google’s search tools to help customers find their website. Check out the first episode below!


Messaging Adds Photos

If you’ve turned on Messaging in the Google My Business app, you may discover you can now send pictures to your customers. Some business owners can now send photos to customers who message them via Google Maps and Google Local. Imagine how much easier it is for a customer to message you a picture of what they are shopping for, and for you to confirm with a picture that you have what they are looking for!

Local Favourites / Local Guides

Do you ever get those pesky notifications on your phone prompting you to visit a restaurant or coffee shop? This is part of Google’s new local favourites lists highlighting the top-rated restaurants, hidden gems, and rising stars. ‘Local Favourite’ is a designation that was introduced this past summer in Google My Business.

Google has now revealed more about what goes into calculating the Local Favourites top 5%:

“Every day, people visit Business Profiles on Google to look at reviews, menus, or photos, and use that information to make decisions about where to eat or what new places to try. The Local Favourites lists use these ratings, reviews and actions people take on Business Profiles–like calling a business, clicking on the website, or requesting directions—to identify what restaurants to highlight.”

In addition to highlighting local favorites, Google now lists the top 10 rising stars and hidden gems. A ‘Rising Star’ is a restaurant which is new and gaining popularity, a “Hidden Gem” is a place that has a small amount of largely positive reviews.

On the tails of the Local Favourites list, Google’s Local Guides program has more than 120 million members in 24,000 locations globally. They are a largely invisible but indispensable part of the Google Maps experience, providing reviews, images, and other content as well as answering questions (Q&A) about local businesses and places.

Local Guides are about to get a lot more visible. Maps users in a number of cities will soon be able to follow Local Guides and see local recommendations of places and things to do. This ‘For You’ content is essentially a local discovery feed like other Google content feeds. If you, or your business, is an influencer, here is another way to bring value to your audience.

Google Shakes Up Local with Algorithm Updates

In 2016, Google decided the most important local rank signal it had was user location. Post-update, Google My Business listings had a greater chance of showing up if they were closer to the customer performing the search.

Now in 2019, Google is doubling-down on that signal – the major rank update that occurred last week was another proximity update. Businesses that are closest to the customer performing a discovery search win out again.

Google My Business Limits Businesses To 20 Service Areas

Google announced it is now limiting the number of service areas a business can list to no more than 20. Google wrote in the Google Ads Help page “service area businesses are now limited to having a maximum of 20 service areas per business.”

What if you need more? Google said they “recommend expanding the existing ones to cover larger areas. You can set your service area based on a combination of entire cities, districts, postal codes, or other areas that you serve.”

Google My Business discontinues toll-free phone support

One of the best parts of Google My Business was that you were able to dial a phone number and speak to someone at Google about your Google My Business listing. So if you had an issue with how your business was showing up in Google Search or Google Maps, someone at Google could potentially help you.

Well, now that feature is gone. You can no longer dial into a phone number and immediately get someone from Google to listen to your problem.



October 2019

Auto-Replies for Reviews

If you read our blog often, you already know best practice for responding to reviews is to respond within 24 hours. That can be tough, especially for businesses who receive reviews on a regular basis! Google is testing an AI (artificial intelligence) tool to help business owners respond more quickly. While the responses are not “automatic,” they are populated with recommended content that business owners can use to complete their responses.



The feature is only available to select businesses at this time. If you notice the feature on your listing, let us know!

Google’s Free Website Tool

If you didn’t already know, your Google Listing has a free website. Google weighed in this month on when a business needs to create a website.

“If your business only has a physical storefront, then Google recommends starting with Google My Business. This still allows a business to get found in search results without investing the same amount of time and effort as it takes to build a website.

If your business sells products online, then Google actually recommends investing your time in social media before building a custom website. Google suggests building a strong social media presence while maintaining a basic e-commerce storefront.

When a business grows, then Google recommends investing in a custom website built from scratch. Alternatively, you could also use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.”

Google also stressed the importance of keeping your website up to date. Whether hours and location or fresh content, Google closely watches for site updates.

Q & A Features

If customers regularly post questions on your listing, you will want to keep an eye out for feature bugs. Some businesses even report their Q&A features are completely gone.

Google Reminders

In the last two months, the number of reminders from Google to post to our listing or congratulating us for successfully posting has tripled! Google wants to ensure we do not forget about our listing and even encourages us to post “sales” information.

Congrats from GoogleSMS Messaging Ends

SMS Messaging (Text Messaging) from listings is gone. It is replaced with “Messages” within your Google My Business app. If you have not installed the app, and you are a business owner or listing manager, you need to have this app at your fingertips. Customers expect near instant responses and you’d hate to lose the customer to a competitor.

Being able to have multiple people managing a business listing and able to respond to customers is much more convenient than a single person and a single text messaging device. Kudos to Google for recognizing that.

Find the apps here: Google  Apple

Animated GIFs from Mobile

When is the last time you uploaded new photos to your listing? Move over photos, videos and gifs (from mobile) are an option! **But we aware that customers can also upload GIFs!**




September 2019

Here’s a quick summary of the latest updates to the #1 online Listing service.

Restaurants Can Opt-Out

  • Google My Business is letting restaurant listings remove links to online ordering. If you are a restaurant owner, and would like to opt-out, just complete this form. To read more, check out the details here.

New Service Options

  • Local service businesses will be pleased to see an increase in the categories or attributes they can use to describe their business. For example, plumbers can now select an attribute like, “fix leaks.” Look to the left-hand menu for Services to determine what options are available for your business.

GMB New Service Options Service-Area Removal

  • Many local service businesses list multiple locations and a wide service-area in their Listing. Don’t be surprised to discover that this “service-area” has been removed. Customers were complaining the search results were bloated with businesses unable to serve them; thus Google cleaned up this feature.
  • Businesses must now select specific cities, provinces, states, etc.
  • Find this setting in Info -> Service Area.
  • Learn more here.

Free Website

  • Not new but still free! Build your first website for free with Google here.

Small Business with Google

  • Imagine if Google planned your digital marketing plan. They will – for free!! Check it out here.


August 2019

Online Booking seems to be all the rage these days; with claims of the hours it will save going back and forth to book appointments. With that in mind, we went on a mission to set up online booking on our Google business listing. After a few days of toil, SUCCESS!Book an Appointment with Above the Fold

Online booking has long been available on our website but direct access for new clients and existing clients makes it super easy. And as an added bonus, text confirmations are included for free! Our booking is set up with Square because there is no additional fee to use Appointments.

Confirm Your Amenities

Google recognizes how important accurate details are on your listing and has given hotels greater abilities to amend their amenities. It’s not hard to figure out that a hotel property listing that claims to have a pool, but doesn’t, is going to receive a number of complaints from customers.

Amenities can be revised in the Info section of a listing.  If a customer has commented on features they “thought” you offered, it would be a great idea to check your listing!

Messaging Insights

If you have Messaging turned “on” in your listing, you can now see how Google measures your responsiveness.

The more responsive you are, the more Google will prompt your listing near the top. To turn Messaging on, log in to your listing at, and click Messaging on the left hand side. If you do not see the option, then it is not available for your listing/business category yet.

Saving the Best for Last!

BULK Review Management & Responding

You read that right. If you have more than one location or more than one listing, this is a dream come true. Log in to your listing and go here: You will see a combined set of reviews from all of the listings.

Not sure how to respond? Check out this video we published on responding to reviews.


July 2019

Poof! And just like that, summer in Canada is half over.

While summer seems to be disappearing, Google My Business users are seeing a few disappearing acts of their own. And not in a good way.

Last month we heard reports of disappearing reviews on Google Listings.

At the time the reports were sporadic and unconfirmed. Google later spoke to the issue only to say it was aware that a small number of business owners were indicating legitimate reviews were missing and explained that in an attempt to clean up fake reviews, these authentic reviews were inadvertently removed. Google claims the issue is fixed and advises business owners that if you are still missing reviews; they’re not coming back!

Get a Quote

If you are a Better Business Bureau member, one of the benefits of membership is the ability for customers to request a quote directly from your listing. There are early reports indicating a “Request a Quote” button is coming to your listing soon; keep a close eye on the feature and be sure to test it before a customer does!

In order for Request a Quote to be active, you must turn on Messaging in your listing. To turn on Messaging, log in to, look to the left on desktop for “Messaging” and toggle the option “on” using an SMS-capable phone number. On mobile, select from the profile options, toggling the feature “On.”

Google strives to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact and do business with a local business. By responding quickly, you can increase your business’ likelihood that you will acquire a new customer.


Listing Insights and Dashboard Redesign

Gas Bar Proximity Google My BusinessEver wonder how your business listing Insights compare? Google tells us on average 1000 people view a business listing in a month. The most viewed listings are in the Hotel industry with 13,000+ views per mos.

84% of viewers see your listing after searching for a business in a specific category. For example, based on the current location and a search for gas stations, here are the search results.

These three results (spelling mistakes and all!) are what Google expects most closely match the search terms. Each of these listings will indicate one additional Discovery view, simply because they were viewed once.

As a business owner, likely wanting to increase sales and customer visits, the key measure is conversions. Conversions are how many people contact your business based on seeing your listing. Your listing tracks visits to your website, phone calls and requests for directions. It is ONLY these actions that Google counts as a conversion.

On average, business owners see a 5% conversion rate on their Google business listing.

If your listing is viewed 1000 times per month, a 5% conversion would represent 50 actions on your listing.

Google also points out there is a very strong correlation between the number of photos on your listing and the number of views. Speaking of photos, are you seeing a more visual dashboard, with larger photos and better selections? Not everyone is, but you can be sure it is coming your way!

POI Category

What the heck? You never added a POI category to your listing. Where did this come from? Google added a new POI (Point of Interest) category to listings based on location. While it is not clear how locations were chosen, it seems like an added bonus if Google sees your location as a POI.


June 2019

Is Google My Business Your Next Social Network?

Google added new features in the last update including the ability for customers to “Follow” your listing and for business owners to create Welcome Offers that customers can save.

Customers will see updates from businesses they follow in Google Maps with highlights and offers. Find the “Follow” button below a business name (under BLG Business) and the prompt to “Create a Welcome Offer” in blue on the Above the Fold listing.

Follow button…>>>

Google My Business Invite Customers to Follow You

And Create a welcome offer… >>>

Google My Business Create a Welcome Offer

Shortnames and Custom URLs are Available

If you’ve read this blog post before, you know how often “asking for reviews” is mentioned. Google teased shortnames and custom urls a couple months ago and made good on the promise this month. Head on over to your listing to create your own custom url. Here are examples of what you will see after you create your own.

Listing link

Review link

>>>Only one business will be able to use each @shortname thus be sure to set your name quickly!<<<

In a few more months, customers will be able to search Google Maps by these short names making it easier and faster for customers to find you.

Pictures Do Say 1000 Words

Did you know you can add pictures and videos to your listing? Businesses can now add a logo to their profile, upload photos that are displayed in a new dynamic module on their profile (and soon with captions) and set a profile cover photo.

What a great way to engage your customers as they want to learn more about your business. Imagine creating video of the inside of your store, introducing your team or showcasing your products and specials through video. Google continues to measure your uploads against competitors. No harm in being in the lead. 🙂

Order a Personalized Marketing Kit

Google introduced a Marketing site for small businesses to order personalized materials. Both hard copy and digital materials can be created. A few readers might remember an early blog post mentioning Small Thanks with Google. This site is replace by the new marketing kit site. Go create your custom marketing materials here.

Google My Business Marketing Kit Small Business Website Choose Your LayoutGoogle My Business Marketing Kit Small Business Website Get CreativeGoogle My Business Marketing Kit Small Business Website

And finally…

Be a Local Favourite

Google is going to highlight the top five percent of businesses in a particular category with a “Local Favourite” designation. This designation will earn your business a, “badge of honor.” This could mean some big wins in certain business categories. Stay tuned for more information next month!


May 2019


April 2019

Google is Considering Paid Premium Services

This news is going to wake up a lot of business owners! And likely wake them up on the wrong side of the bed.

Announced on Twitter on April 28th, the first user received a request to complete the Google My Business survey regarding premium services. The 20-min long survey asked for details including service preferences, willingness to pay and payment thresholds.

The survey was only sent to a select group of industries and this screenshot lists most of the industries invited to participate (Is yours listed?). Google often rolls out new services and features to select locations and industries and it appears this roll out will be similar. If you’d like to complete the survey and let Google know you are not OK with Paid Premium Services, click here. (All links open in a new window.)

GMB Industries SurveyedGoogle wants you to toot your horn this month!

Google introduced “suggested” Reviews to post to your Google My Business Listing. Google will automatically suggest 4 or 5 star Reviews added within the last month or so, to be shared as a Post. These Reviews will display on Google Maps as well and in search results. Talk about a BIG push in the right direction to get business owners asking for Reviews.

As always, Google will roll out the feature in stages, so if you are not prompted when you sign in to, don’t fret, when the feature is available and you have eligible Reviews, you will get a prompt. No muss, no fuss. Google lets you know when your business is eligible.

Here’s the show stopper… Google will allow you to edit the Review before you share it. Maybe the business name is not quite right, or a price is listed. You can edit the content prior to sharing. You can also add up to 10 images to provide context to the Review and a Call to Action (CTA) to encourage new customers to inquire.

Prefer not to wait until Google offers you the service? Want to share a Review now? Try these simple tips:

  1. Log into
  2. Select Reviews from the left menu
  3. Choose the Review you’d like to share
  4. Click the three dots on the right-hand side to “Copy Link”
  5. Paste this link along with text to social media or on your website (if you have the functionality).

share a google listing review above the fold scott francis advanced leadership

Small Thanks with Google

Don’t see “suggestions” yet? Here is another free tool (opens in a new window) to generate social media posts, videos and printable materials based on your Google Listing.  You can create window clings, social media shareables based on Reviews and even business hours, or create a super fun custom view. Check it out below.

What’s Google’s Motivation Behind Promoting Reviews?

Google is taking on TripAdvisor for Reviews. You might remember a few months ago, Google added the ability to book hotel rooms directly from a Listings. Google recognizes the value of keeping traffic on their site, thus adding the most frequently used options directly to a business listing reduces the need for traffic to leave the Google search platform.

Short Names and Vanity URLs

Have you ever tried to ask a customer for a Review and had to send them a great big long link? Not sure how to find that link? You can check it out here.

With the addition of short names and vanity URLs you can add[yourawesomebusiness]. So instead of, we become Whew!

Keep in mind you need between 5 & 32 characters in your short name and can use the short vanity URL to request reviews, send directions or business hours or display products on your Listing.

When the feature is available to your business, you will find it in the Info menu, then click ‘Add profile short name.’

Product & Service Menu

The Product & Service menu (in the Info tab) is finally visible from mobile!

Depending on your industry, some businesses report seeing their menu items displayed (restaurants) on both mobile and desktop while others state that services can only be seen on mobile. Here is a sample service menu.

GMB Service Menu Above the FoldGoogle’s AI Duplex Roll Out

Available on all Android phones across the US, Duplex, Google’s AI system for bookings and reservations continues to gain momentum. Try it out by saying, ‘Hey Google. Make me a restaurant reservation.”

Guaranteed by Google

Guaranteed by Google is available across the US and in select regions in Canada. The Google Guarantee Program provides a “star” or approved label in Listings and Ads to businesses who undergo a complete inspection and review by Google. These businesses are “guaranteed” by Google to provide excellent service and value to customers. Some of the industries currently included in the program are plumbers, locksmiths and HVAC services.

It is expected more markets and industries will be included shortly.


March 2019

Google is demonstrating a real commitment to improvements for business on their Google My Business platform lately. With ongoing enhancements, you can expect to see a fresh new look when you log in next time. Updated colours and graphics give the Home menu a more modern feel with direct access to the most common features.

Along with updates graphics, businesses now have larger cover images and photos to show off their business, staff, location and products.

A Walk-Thru Plan

New to Google My Business or recently verified your Listing? Google created a walk-thru “Plan” customized to your Listing, indicating the work YOU need to do. Look for this link at the top of your Home menu.

Or watch for this pop-out on the right hand side of your screen on desktop.

Google will give you a Task list including responding to Reviews, update photos and take a closer look at your Insights. Keeping on top of the recommended Tasks from Google will help promote your Listing and improve your search rank results.


February 2019

February saw continued improvements for Service-area businesses, right from start-up to well-established.


If your business serves customers at their location, or within a specific area, check out the new ways for customers to find you based on how you want to manage your customer communication.

Hotel Industry Rejoice!

Google must think the most frequently asked question in a hotel is check-in and check-out time because you can now add it to Google My Business. If your Listing is marked “Hotel” you will see this option in Info.


Google is making it easier to respond to Reviews. Business owners can now respond to reviews right from Google Maps on desktop. Best practices for responding to Reviews are to respond with 24 hours. Need a hand responding? Check out this handy video!

Listing owners and users can now leave Reviews with #hashtags to keep like-minded comments together. #FamilyFriendly #SundayBrunch #SinglesOnly will help steer customers in the right direction.

Spam Detection

Google will never call you to confirm details on your listing, offer to optimize your listing or threaten to close your listing. These are spam phone calls and if you receive a call protect yourself. Do not give any personal or identifying information.


January 2019

Another exciting month of changes is behind us as Google continues to change up their plans. 2019 will see the end of some significant Google apps, namely Google+ and Allo. While Google+’s loss seems to be minimal, for those tied into Google My Business Messaging, Allo is a bigger deal.


Allo, Google’s Messaging app, is saying good-bye in March 2019. Predictions are that Messaging within Listings will also go away, however it was recently noticed that some Listings display a larger, more prominent “Message Business” button. Many are hopeful that Google will allow messaging through an app, or through a mobile device.

For many businesses, Listing Messaging is tied into chatbots and drip sequences. If your business relies on Messaging, stay tuned for more updates!

In the example below, you can see two options to Message the business. One in “Message” and the other in “Contact us now.”

Add Products and Services

Restaurants are long since familiar with the ability to add their menu, pricing and delivery information to Google Listings but most business categories will now see an option to add Products or Services within Info. Businesses can add numerous types of products and services including pricing to the Listing. Interestingly, content added here is only visible on a mobile device AND according to a Google spokesperson, this content does not influence search results.

Don’t let that sway you! In true Google fashion, what does not influence search today is bound to be a top performer tomorrow!

Mobile App

Google updated the 2014 mobile app on Android and iOS to include robust features such as Posting, Locations, Customers, Profiles and more. Most users will find the new app meets all their Listing management needs.

Agencies, however, are not able to use the app to service multiple clients at the same time.


Many users report seeing a decline in views and clicks to their Posts. Some business categories indicate Posts are no longer visible in search results. Google claims this is a temporary reduction but we are watching this trend closely.

For the time being, we recommend continuing to post keyword-friendly content to your Listing.

Google Guarantee

For a very select few business categories, Google is testing a Google Guarantee Program. This gives a business an “endorsed by Google” badge and drastically increases consumer confidence. Read the details on Google’s support page.

Agency Users

If you are an agency user, like Above the Fold, good news this month! Within the Agency dashboard, spreadsheets can be uploaded and downloaded to quickly integrate customers with multiple locations.

Spam Detection

Google will never call you to confirm details on your listing, offer to optimize your listing or threaten to close your listing. These are spam phone calls and if you receive a call protect yourself. Do not give any personal or identifying information.

Apps for Scheduling Google My Business Posts

We help by giving your business one place to stay social. Generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and communicate with your followers all from one place. Finally, a tool that makes managing social media simple.

Meet Publer. Some Superheroes save lives. Others give them back.

If the image below does not appear, Publer can be found here.

If the Local Viking image does not appear, click here.

Google My Business Step-by-Step Setup


As stated on Google’s website.


  1. Navigate to Google My Business.
  2. Search for your business using its name and address.
  3. If you see a dialog letting you know that someone else has verified the business, follow these steps.
  4. If you don’t see your business listed in the menu, click No, these are not my businesses or I’ve correctly entered the business. You’ll then be prompted to enter some details for your business. Make sure you enter an accurate, complete street address, and a phone number which reaches your business directly.
  5. Click Submit.



  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Sign in with the Google account you’d like to use to manage your business.
    • If this is your first time adding a business to Google, sign in with the Google account you’d like to use to manage your business and touch Continue.
    • If you’ve added a business before, tap the menu icon , then tap the name of your business to reveal a list of all listings in your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose + Create new business.
  3. If you see a dialog letting you know that someone else has verified the business, follow these steps.
  4. Enter your business name and information and agree to the terms of service. Touch Continue once you’re ready to create a listing for your business.
    • You may want to access Google My Business on a desktop to access more advanced editing features, including adding service-areas. Learn more

Verify location

To enter the verification code you receive:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. If you’re managing multiple businesses, choose the one at the address where you received the postcard.
  3. Click Verify location from the menu (or click the Verify now button) and follow the prompts to complete verification.


You have added or claimed your business on Google. Let us know how it went! Did you have any difficulties or was it an easy process?

Keeping your Listing up-to-date is a key feature of climbing the search ranks. Read more about adding Posts or a Description. By utilizing all of the features of the Google My Business Listing service, your business information will remain accurate and customers will more easily be able to shop with you.

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