The latest updates on Google My Business.

This post is part of a continuing series of monthly updates on the #1 search tool used by ready-to-buy customers. For all the updates, or to see additional information, read Attract More Customers with Google My Business.

Add Multiple Photos and Videos to Posts


Until recently, a Post to your Google Listing could only contain a single photo. Listings with Photos drive up to 10x more traffic than those without. It stands to reason then, that Google encourages Listing owners to post multiple photos and videos.

When we tried to load files, there was a note underneath indicating we could load up to 10 images/videos. Look in the lower right hand corner of the image.




Google Listing Products


If you are a product based business, Google is suggesting products for you to add to your Listing. Each product (or service) added is searchable by the customer, so consider adding all related products to your Listing.

Your Business Description Does Not Impact Ranking

As a Local SEO Expert, we’ve always suspected that the ‘business description‘ inside your Google Listing had an impact on search results. Google published an article earlier this month indicating that this was correct. However, in a complete abrupt change, Google removed the article from their website within the week and now indicates that customer-driven keywords will not impact your Listings’ rank.

This is a counterintuitive decision on Google’s part but numerous tests prove that the description is not impacting your search ranking.

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